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Posted on: November 10, 2009 11:38 am

Week 9 Power Rankings

With no more winless teams left in the league, we shift our focus to those teams that shouldn't but could make the playoffs this year.  Are the Cardinals for real?  How are the Jaguars 4-4?  Are the Bears and Giants done?  Here are my power rankings after nine weeks in the 2009 NFL season.

32) Oakland Raiders (31).  I'm honestly sick of talking about how bad this team is.  Now with Tom Cable back in the spotlight, will he even make it through the season?  Who would want to with this bad of a team with that bad of an owner.

31) Cleveland Browns (30).  Mangini might give the reins to Brady Quinn, and let's hope he's not as terrible as Derek Anderson.  What happened to that team since their playoff run two years ago?  They're consistently one of the worst teams in football, and they're not getting any better.

30) Detroit Lions (29).  They stuck with Seattle for a bit, but ultimately gave it up.  Calvin Johnson needs to get the ball more, regardless of his injury problems.  At least they're putting up points.  Bolstering that defense is going to have to be their prime concern in free agency and at draft time.

29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32).  I certainly didn't expect Freeman to have such a great impact on their team in his first start, but wow!  He looked very efficient against an average Packers defense, and they forced turnovers.  It helped that the Packers offensive line is garbage, but they did what they needed to win.

28) Washington Redskins (27).  They wanted to grab a win after their bye week, but they only acquired injuries to key players.  Now with Portis and Campbell hurt, do they have any chance of putting up a decent amount of points?

27) St. Louis Rams (28).  Though they have two weeks to prepare, it will be very hard to beat an undefeated New Orleans team with their current personnel.  They might be able to catch the Saints sleeping, but I doubt it.

26) Kansas City Chiefs (25).  Amidst the drama surrounding the departure of Larry Johnson, this team doesn't seem to be going in the right direction.  With a loss to a below-average Jacksonville team, they'll contend with the Raiders for worst in their division.  Was Matt Cassel the answer?

25) Jacksonville Jaguars (26).  They've managed to get themselves to 4-4, and with a lot of luck could make a playoff run.  Two wins against the Jets and Bills could get the ball rolling, but MJD will need to have big games since Garrard isn't doing much.

24) Buffalo Bills (23).  Their next game against the Titans will be a gauge of how well this team will do the rest of the year.  Trent Edwards will more than likely be able to play this weekend, but do they really want him back?  Marshawn Lynch needs to step it up.

23) Tennessee Titans (24).  Make it two in a row.  Vince Young has given this team a spark, and they beat a decent 49ers team.  He must stay consistent as teams now have more film on his recent plays, and defenses will know more of how to stop him.

22) Carolina Panthers (21).  A valiant effort against one of the best two teams in the league, but they blew their lead.  I like that John Fox is going back to the run game, because the combination of DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart are almost unstoppable.  They have a tough three games coming up.

21) San Francisco 49ers (20).  After starting off with a good record, the 49ers find themselves way back in the division.  Alex Smith has looked a bit worse, and Frank Gore didn't help too much this week.  Now they have a short week, and face a furious Bears team who is in a similar position.

20) Seattle Seahawks (22).  This has been a rollercoaster ride for the Seahawks so far.  They started off well, but their offensive line hasn't protected well at all.  A win against Detroit may be just what they need going into the second half of the season, and may make a run at the Cardinals.

19) New York Jets (19).  With two weeks to think about that awful loss to the Dolphins, they'll be ready for the Jaguars.  In order to stay in playoff contention, a win is necessary, especially if the Patriots lose to the Colts.

18) Chicago Bears (17).  Another team with a rollercoaster season.  Their defense laid down for the Cardinals, even though Jay Cutler had a decent game.  Since Minnesota has all but won the division, they'll need to take the wild card route, and a win against the 49ers would help.

17) Miami Dolphins (16).  It was close, but their offense couldn't get it going when it really mattered.  It's pretty easy to get over this loss with Tampa Bay, Carolina, and Buffalo next on your schedule though.

16) Arizona Cardinals (18).  What a way to bounce back.  Kurt Warner looked like he was playing for the Greatest Show on Turf again, and Larry Fitzgerald make a huge impact, even with Boldin out.  This significantly helps their chances of winning their awful division.

15) Green Bay Packers (11).  That offensive line HAS to be fixed!  You have your great, young, franchise quarterback trying to make plays all game, yet he gets ravaged by a below average defense.  This is not a very good team, and their defensive play didn't help at all.

14) New York Giants (12).  Losing four in a row all but ruins their chances of making the playoffs, let alone the division.  Their upcoming bye week may help with their injuries, considering they need Aaron Ross back.  Their remaining schedule is just too tough, though.

13) San Diego Chargers (15).  And just like that, they've back in the division race.  They did what they needed to do to win, and the Rivers/Jackson connection gave them two big scores.  They face the Eagles next week, and then a huge second game against the Broncos.

12) Baltimore Ravens (8).  They needed that win against the Bengals, and can take their frustrations out on the Browns (what a terrible Monday Night game).  Joe Flacco needs to get the ball into the endzone more, but their defense is their biggest concern.

11) Atlanta Falcons (14).  Though it was only against the Redskins, that win was exactly what they needed.  With a win against the Panthers and Giants, they'll take another stab at the wild card race.

10) Philadelphia Eagles (9).  Their injuries really held them back against the Cowboys, in what was an ugly game.  They need Westbrook back, but now it appears he has an ankle problem too.  Can they bounce back against San Diego?

9) Houston Texans (10).  Despite the loss, I still like this team to make the playoffs.  They were a missed field goal away from bringing the best team in the AFC into overtime, and they also kept Peyton Manning down to human level.  That's saying something.

8) Dallas Cowboys (13).  They have strung a bunch of wins in a row, and now face a slumping Green Bay team, a bad Redskins team, and an even worse Raiders team.  But December is looming...

7) Denver Broncos (5).  Orton looked like his old self, and the rest of their team couldn't get it going.  Are they crashing down to Earth?  With only a one game lead in the division, that upcoming Broncos/Chargers game becomes much more important.

6) Cincinnati Bengals (7).  I guess they are for real after all.  Both Cedric Benson and the Bengals defense are big surprises this year, and have significantly helped Palmer return to great form.  Now the big question: can they beat the Steelers again?

5) New England Patriots (6).  That was a great division win, even if Brady didn't look great.  This is a huge Sunday Night game against the Colts, as it is every year.  They do, however, have an awfully difficult upcoming schedule, and must stay focused.

4) Minnesota Vikings (4).  Now that they're rested, they have a giveaway game against the Lions.  As long as they don't get too complacent, they should win their next 3 games and stay in contention for home field advantage.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers (3).  Isn't Polamalu just great?  Their defense is so much better with him in the game, and Mendenhall could very well be the future of their running game.  Their game next week against the Bengals will be for the division lead.

2) Indianapolis Colts (2).  A missed field goal kept them out overtime, and this team has looked a bit more vulnerable as of late.  They can't let this happen against the Patriots next week.  If they win this one, they can definitively be considered the best in the AFC.

1) New Orleans Saints (1).  They almost tripped over the Panthers, but (once again) their defense hardened.  With all cylinders working effectively on this team, it's hard to imagine another team challenging them for NFC dominance.
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Week 8 Power Rankings

What a disappointing week for Giants fans.  I thought they'd be able to put pressure on McNabb with their sub-par offensive line, but they did nothing.  In other news... the Vikings all but locked up their division, the Broncos are mortal, and there's only one goose egg team left in the NFL!  All-in-all, a pretty fun week.  As for the power rankings...

32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32).  They're the only team left without a win, and they're not getting any better.  They've had two weeks to prepare for Green Bay, which helps, but the Bucs still don't have a very good offense... or defense.  When will their first win come?

31) Oakland Raiders (29).  I know bashing the Raiders is the popular thing do to, but how can you not?  The organization is a complete joke, their coach may be facing punishment from the league, their immature quarterback can't evolve into an accurate passer, and their draft picks continue to underperform.  The only thing they have going for them is their defense, which is only marginally better.

30) Cleveland Browns (27).  It kind of seems like the bottom eight teams just keep on revolving around the bottom, doesn't it?  I don't quite understand why Derek Anderson is starting anymore.  Maybe Mangini is trying to hide how bad Quinn is, so that he can still retain some trade value for him.  But Anderson is just awful.

29) Detroit Lions (26).  After that win a few weeks ago, they've only regressed.  Losing to the Rams is no easy feat, but they managed to pull it off.  That defense needs drastic improvement during the offseason, but they can look forward to Calvin Johnson being back this week.

28) St. Louis Rams (31).  They finally won!  Stephen Jackson was a beast, and their defense actually showed up against the Lions.  They can go into their bye week somewhat satisfied, but they'll need it since they play the Saints in two weeks.

27) Washington Redskins (28).  Hopefully this mess was solved during the bye week, though I doubt it.  They play the Falcons this week, who have lost two straight and are desperate for a win.  Good luck.

26) Jacksonville Jaguars (24).  What has happened to David Garrard?  A few seasons ago, he went half a season without throwing an interception!  If it weren't for MJD, this team would have been blanked by a team without a win!  That's not a very good way to treat a fan base that's already giving up.

25) Kansas City Chiefs (25).  Who knows what this team will be like as they come out of their bye week, but they do face a very bad Jacksonville team.  It will be interesting to see how Jamaal Charles will play as a starter now that Larry Johnson won't be playing.

24) Tennessee Titans (30).  Yeah, they only beat Jacksonville, but that win said a few very good things about this team.  First, they still have the desire to win.  Second, Vince Young might not be as bad as everything thought he was.  After teams get a few more weeks worth of tape on Young, though, we might see him return to his old form.

23) Buffalo Bills (22).  They hung in there against the Texans, but eventually it fell apart.  Their above average defense couldn't hold them off for too long, although Jairus Byrd stepped up big again.  This team has the tools to be better next year, but they have to keep their injuries to a minimum.

22) Seattle Seahawks (21).  I think we can officially say that this team isn't very good.  I thought they had potential, but their offensive line just isn't very good, and having Hasselbeck back just isn't enough.  With the Cardinals and 49ers losing, however, they still sadly have a chance in the always awful NFC West. 

21) Carolina Panthers (23).  They did what they do best: run the ball.  Also, what a great defensive performance, they literally picked apart Kurt WarnerJake Delhomme played much better than he has lately, and Steve Smith finally got himself a touchdown.  This team still could turn it around before it's too late.

20) San Francisco 49ers (20).  Nobody really expected them to beat the Colts, yet they still put up a valiant effort.  Luckily, they're in the NFC West, and a few losses really don't matter.  If their defense continues to play the way it did against the Colts, they could easily win this division.

19) New York Jets (18).  That's why you don't laugh at someone who says "special teams are 1/3 of the game."  They outplayed the Dolphins, but they couldn't stop Ted Ginn on kick returns, which ultimately cost them the game.  Now with two losses to the Dolphins, they can't afford to lose another game in the division.

18) Arizona Cardinals (12).  I am very inconsistent when ranking this team, but who knows what to do with them?  They're not great, but they play in an awful division.  We'll probably see them in the playoffs this year, just like last, but can they make a run like they did last January?

17) Chicago Bears (17).  They won a game they should have won.  Does this team have what it takes to make a run at the playoffs?  Remember, they did beat the Steelers early on in the year.  They'll need to beat the Cardinals next week in order to prove that they deserve a wild card spot.

16) Miami Dolphins (16).  It wasn't pretty, but they got the job done.  They're undefeated against their division, but we'll see if that stands against the Patriots next week.  If they win, they'll be taken seriously, but until then, they really need to focus on getting that offense to perform better than it did against the Jets.

15) San Diego Chargers (19).  They have all the tools they need to be winning their division, but they can't win any big games.  Now they face an underperforming New York Giants team, with a chance to put them out of their misery.  A win and a Broncos loss against the Steelers will put them back in contention.

14) Atlanta Falcons (13).  Not many people expected them to beat the Saints, but at least they made a game of it.  Just like the Packers, they're forced to take the wild card route.  Here are their big "wild card" games in the future: Week 11 vs. Giants, Week 13 vs. Eagles, Week 15 vs. Jets.

13) Dallas Cowboys (15).  They've finally put together a string of good games, and Romo has always been great in November.  This is now a statement game against the Eagles, considering the last time they played them, they were blown out and missed the playoffs.  Bottom line, they need to win a big game, and this is certainly a big game.

12) New York Giants (9).  This is no longer a "slump," it's a problem.  Their defense can't stop anybody, and Eli Manning was awfully inconsistent.  Now they face the Chargers, who have a very good pass attack and a quarterback who would like to prove that he is worth more than Eli Manning.  Plus, is Brandon Jacobs slower than usual, or is it just me?

11) Green Bay Packers (8).  They couldn't win against Favre in Lambeau, so they'll have to take the Wild Card route.  This is still a good team, despite their problems in big games.  Plus, you can pretty much give them the win against the Buccaneers, who were their former division-mates.

10) Houston Texans (14).  Are they really this good?  They've strong together some consistency, but face a very hard test against the Colts next week.  The Colts will all but clinch the division if they win, but the Texans' offense is clicking very well.  The loss of Owen Daniels is brutal, though.

9) Philadelphia Eagles (11).  Just when the critics were ready to pounce on the Eagles, they blowout their division rival.  McNabb played like his young self, and their defense came up with a bunch of turnovers.  Their Sunday night game against the Cowboys will be their second game in a row for the division lead.  A win here would go a long ways towards their run at the playoffs.

8) Baltimore Ravens (10).  They finally got their act together, and just in the nick of time.  The game was closer than the score indicates, but they still showed that they're to be taken seriously.  With a win against the Bengals, they're fighting for the top of the division. 

7) Cincinnati Bengals (7).  These next two games will tell us how good the Bengals really are.  If they're able to win one of the next two (against Baltimore and Pittsburgh), they should be set to at least grab a wild card spot.

6) New England Patriots (6).  Two weeks to prepare against the Dolphins is exactly what they need for this important division battle.  With a win from the Dolphins, this division becomes ridiculously close, and you can never count Miami out.  Their performance against the Dolphins defense will dictate who wins this game.

5) Denver Broncos (3).  They had to lose at some point.  The problem is that they face a very good Steelers team next week, and could be staring at two losses in a row.  This should be a very physical, defensive game.  Orton has to play better if they want to win, and the running game needs to be more consistent.

4) Minnesota Vikings (5).  Brett Favre continues to impress his critics and opponents, and the Vikings defense is just dominating.  This team hasn't even had it's bye week yet, and they're still going into games with as much emotion and passion as possible.  Despite their loss to Pittsburgh, they're one of the best.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers (4).  With two weeks to prepare for the Broncos, they're in a great position.  Being able to rest their players for a week, and giving Polamalu an extra week to get back to 100% will really help.  With a win against Denver, they could be considered the best in the NFL, even with 2 losses.

2) Indianapolis Colts (1).  They dropped a spot only because they did look slightly vulnerable against the 49ers defense.  Remember, this team barely won against the Jaguars in Week 1.  Okay, that's not fair, but the Colts are not perfect (though they are pretty close).  Huge game against the Texans this week.

1) New Orleans Saints (2).  They're the all-around best team in the NFL, and they showed it against the Falcons.  When one aspect of their game is off, they overcome it with another.  If you double team Colston, Shockey is open.  They also have a soft upcoming schedule.
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Week 7 Power Rankings

I just can't believe how unbalanced the league seems to be this year.  There have never been 3 undefeated teams at this point in the season before, and the bottom of the league is worse than we've ever seen it before.  I originally thought that critics were over-scrutinizing the parity in the league, but it definitely seems like there is a massive gap between the good and the bad.  Here we go...

32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (32).  Way to embarrass yourself overseas.  Couldn't the NFL have given the Brits a better game?  They certainly paid enough for it.  It kind of feels like the Buccaneers have nothing going for them, so they might as well start as many young guys as possible.  If Cadillac Williams can stay healthy and produce throughout the season, they'll at least have something to look forward to next year.

31) St. Louis Rams (30).  Steven Jackson is the only player on this team that could start on the Colts.  The fact that they held Peyton Manning to under 300 yards is extremely misleading, because the Colts didn't even have to pass the ball.  If they want to win a game this year, it might have to come next week against the Lions.

30) Tennessee Titans (31).  Hopefully their bye week gave them a chance to focus on a very important game against the Jaguars.  They still have a decent amount of talent, and could probably string together 6 or 7 wins if they get in a rhythm.  It has got to be time to start Vince Young in order to see if his talent has developed.  If he plays well over the next 10 games, maybe their future is intact.

29) Oakland Raiders (28).  Just when the win a game against a good team, they put up a goose egg.  That was just terrible.  JaMarcus Russell doesn't take responsibility for his poor play, yet Tom Cable still wants to start him.  McFadden might be back this week, but will it help them?

28) Washington Redskins (29).  Take away the dumb turnovers, the Redskins could have easily won this game.  Their defense gave up two big plays, which were the difference in the game.  The playcalling was only a bit better without Jim Zorn calling it, and their offense was once again inept.  Their main problem is their offensive line, which will hopefully be fixed in the offseason.

27) Cleveland Browns (26).  They need a good quarterback, and a good draft.  That's why they should have traded Brady Quinn, because he's rotting on the bench right now.  Many people will point to Eric Mangini, but he was given absolutely nothing to work with in his first season with the Browns.  Two years down the road, we'll see how good of a job he really does.

26) Detroit Lions (27).  They could easily pick up their second win of the season at home against the Rams.  If they lose, however, they will be back at the very bottom of the league.  Hopefully Matt Stafford will be able to play, because they seem like a better team when he's in.

25) Kansas City Chiefs (24).  They had a chance to win against a reeling Chargers team, but they completely faltered.  I had decent expectations for this team for the rest of the year, especially with Matt Cassel playing well.  One good thing is that with LJ's inappropriate comments, they can give Jamaal Charles a chance to show that he should be their feature running back.

24) Jacksonville Jaguars (23).  With a loss to the Titans this week, they could completely lose relavance in Jacksonville.  Their fans are already apathetic enough. 

23) Carolina Panthers (20).  What I hate the most about that loss is the playcalling.  Why would you pass the ball that much if your quarterback has bad accuracy issues, and a stellar one-two punch with DeAngelo Williams and Jonathan Stewart?  That shouldn't happen again.

22) Buffalo Bills (25).  With back-to-back wins against decent teams, is it possible they put up a game against the Texans?  I personally don't think so, but it will be interesting to watch.  Their defense is good despite their injuries, and Fitzpatrick is 2-0.  This would be a great win going into their bye week.

21) Seattle Seahawks (22).  What can we expect from this team coming off their bye, playing a revamped Cowboys team?  Their offensive line MUST play better than they did against the Cardinals, or else they're putting Hasselbeck in danger of being injured again.  They need a win to stay in contention with the Cards and 49ers.

20) San Francisco 49ers (15).  This was a tough one, because the level of talent significantly increases after the 21 spot.  Their defense gave up too many points, but they can be optimistic with the second half play of Alex Smith.  Plus, Crabtree made a somewhat significant impact on their offense, and didn't look rusty.  It's going to be a tough game against the Colts next week though.

19) San Diego Chargers (19).  That game could have almost been considered a bye week.  It's clear that they have a lot of talent on both sides of the ball, but they can't seem to put together good games against good teams.  Rivers is too fiery to let his team get too far behind the Broncos, and they have the Raiders to play next week.

18) New York Jets (18).  It's very hard to gauge how good a team really is after they blowout the Raiders.  Will they put up a fight against the wildcat next week?  They'll have to prepare better than they did last time.

17) Chicago Bears (12).  What a turnaround.  They got clobbered by the Bengals, and Jay Culter has not looked very good.  Is there any hope in the division?  Not much, considering their upcoming schedule is difficult (besides the Browns).

16) Miami Dolphins (14).  They couldn't keep a lead, largely due to their poor playcalling.  When you're up by that much, why don't you continue to run the ball with the wildcat, and eat up more clock?  If you give the Saints too much time, they'll beat you, plain and simple.

15) Dallas Cowboys (21).  They really needed that win against a good Falcons team.  They still in the thick of the NFC East, and have found a lot of talent in their young receiver, Miles AustinTony Romo looks very comfortable throwing to him, and their defense looked better. 

14) Houston Texans (16).  Could this be the year?  Their recent offensive performances have indicated so.  They face the Bills next week, which they need to win because their next game is in Indianapolis.  If Slaton can stop fumbling, they'll find themselves at 5-3.

13) Atlanta Falcons (8).  What happened here?  I thought they were one of the most complete teams in the NFL, but they couldn't keep up with Miles Austin and the Cowboys.  Turner has underperformed, and Matt Ryan looked average.  They need to win against the Saints if they want to keep pace in the division.

12) Arizona Cardinals (17).  Their defense is significantly better than last year, which gives them a great chance to win the division, and a decent chance to make a run at the NFC Conference Championship game.  They confused what used to be a good Giants offense, and managed to score against their blitz packages.

11) Philadelphia Eagles (13).  It wasn't all too pretty, but their defense showed up against the Redskins, leaving them tied for the division lead.  If they can fix their offensive line issues, they'll be a front-runner for the NFC East or Wild Card spot. 

10) Baltimore Ravens (10).  Can they bounce back after losing 3 straight?  It will be hard against the undefeated Broncos.  Their aged defense needs to stop making dumb mistakes and getting stupid 15-yard penalties.

9) New York Giants (6).  Their injuries are killing them right now, and the absence of Kenny Phillips has revealed large gaps in their depth.  CC Brown is just terrible.  They're tied for the division lead, and coincidentally play their rival Eagles next Sunday.  A loss on Sunday could direct them towards the Wild Card route.

8) Green Bay Packers (11).  This may be a bit of an overreaction, since they've only beaten the Lions and Browns recently, but I really didn't know who else to put here.  If they can beat the Vikings, they'll earn this spot.  That offense is just too good.  If their offensive line shows up, they'll be 5-2.

7) Cincinnati Bengals (9).  That was a statement game against the Bears.  Many people (like me) were quickly jumping off the Bengals bandwagon after their loss to the Texans, but they've showed us they're still very much in the running for the AFC North.  After their bye, they have two huge division games in a row.

6) New England Patriots (7).  They've demolished two horrible teams, so it's somewhat hard to gauge how good the Patriots are.  With a week to rest, they should have plenty of time to prepare for a huge game against the Dolphins.  If they can escape their next 5 games with 3 wins, they should be set in the AFC East.

5) Minnesota Vikings (3).  Despite the loss, they're still a very good all-around team.  Their offensive line didn't play very well at the end of the game.  The turnovers by Favre weren't his fault, but he still needs to be a little more accurate in the 4th quarter.  A win in Lambeau will all but wrap up the division.

4) Pittsburgh Steelers (5).  They're back!  What a fantastic defensive effort against a great Vikings offense.  Even though Big Ben and Mendenhall weren't clicking as well as usual, their defense made up for it.  Two defensive touchdowns sealed the game, but they're still keeping opponents in the game.  Hopefully they'll work on that in the bye week.

3) Denver Broncos (4).  They continue to sneak their way up everyone's rankings, and face a very tough conference matchup against the Ravens next week.  If Kyle Orton stays consistent (only one interception so far this season!) and their defense continues to shut down opposing teams, they'll easily reach 7-0.

2) New Orleans Saints (2).  What a stellar comeback against the Dolphins.  They continue to find different ways to win, and they're definitely the team to beat in the NFC.  They have to keep the ball rolling against the Falcons on Monday Night, which could be a trip-up game.  If they win, they'll be even bigger favorites to win the division.

1) Indianapolis Colts (1).  They didn't miss a step during their bye week, and schooled another sub-par team.  This will be a very interesting game against the 49ers, and we'll see if the dynamic Colts offense can keep the pace it's been setting.  With Alex Smith starting, putting pressure on the QB is crucial.  That's why they have Dwight Freeney!
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Week 6 Power Rankings

Quite a few surprises this week, unbeatens getting beaten, losers winning, and some last-minute wins.  A few personal notes... I can FINALLY embrace the fact that the Broncos are a very good team.  They always seem to find a way to win.  Also, my Giants seem very beatable all of a sudden, but do they really have any threat of losing the division?  Here we go...

32) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (30).  Is it time to start Josh Freeman?  The season is gone, so you might as well give the guy some experience before games start counting again next year.  With a trip across the pond next week to play New England, let's hope they can put up a better defense than the Titans.  Speaking of which...

31) Tennessee Titans (24).  I can no longer say that I think this team is better than their record.  Can we honestly say they could beat the Rams?  Maybe.  The worst part is, Jeff Fisher is a great coach!  That team is really lacking something, and I don't think that Vince Young is the answer, even though he should probably start.

30) St. Louis Rams (32).  They don't really deserve to jump up two spots, but that's more of a product of other teams being even worse.  They actually looked pretty good at times against the Jaguars, but Steven Jackson still hasn't gotten a touchdown.  Too bad you don't get credit for overtime losses like in hockey.

29) Washington Redskins (27).  I like almost nothing about this team.  There doesn't seem to be any driving force behind them, and with coaching uncertainty in the near future, it looks very bleak.  If they get crushed by the Eagles on Monday Night, Zorn will be gone during their bye week.

28) Oakland Raiders (31).  What?  JaMarcus Russell played like a decent QB for once, and their defense was great.  Richard Seymour should really be happy about his performance.  Here's a shocker: if they win against the reeling Jets, they could be in second place in their division.

27) Detroit Lions (26).  They're back to their old selfs, but Stafford wasn't in the game.  Hopefully they'll get him back soon, because that offense looks pretty decent when he's playing.  That defense continues to give up a massive amount of points, and has to be addressed in the offseason.

26) Cleveland Browns (28).  They certainly put up a fight against the Steelers, and might actually be headed in the right direction.  Who really knows if Mangini is the right coach for the team, but it certainly doesn't look like either Quinn or Anderson will be their starter next year.

25) Buffalo Bills (29).  They did what nobody thought they could do, and now face a very average Carolina Panthers.  Could they string two together?  If Trent Edwards can't play, Ryan Fitzpatrick will get a chance to prove he's a starter-quality QB in the NFL.

24) Kansas City Chiefs (25).  Even though it was against the Redskins, this was a great win for the Chiefs.  Cassel once again shows he's a good QB, and their defense put up a stand.  If they want to make a real statement, they'll beat the under-performing Chargers at home next week.

23) Jacksonville Jaguars (23).  They escaped a devastating loss in OT.  Thank goodness for MJD.  They have a bye week to prepare for the 0-6 Titans, and must win in order to stay in any form of contention in the AFC.

22) Seattle Seahawks (18).  What do you do with this team?  One week they absolutely rout the Jaguars, next week they barely show up.  Their offensive line was almost non-existant, and left Hasselbeck with no time.  Their running game has been very poor lately, and might need to make some changes.  With a 1-3 record in the conference, there isn't much hope.

21) Dallas Cowboys (21).  Hopefully they've refocused during the bye week.  Roy Williams is back, and Miles Austin was named a starter as well, which will help out the entire offense.  They face a tough Falcons team at home, which could end up being an important NFC Wild Card game down the road.

20) Carolina Panthers (22).  They needed a division win and they got it.  Nothing like the Buccaneers giving you a confidence boost!  They play an oddly similar (as far as circumstances go) Bills team this week, where both teams want to get back into playoff contention.

19) San Diego Chargers (17).  That playcalling was just awful.  As far as talent goes, they're in the top 10.  Unfortunately for the Chargers, it doesn't translate to wins, and they're all but out of the division race in week 7.  But as I recall, the Broncos were up big in the division last year...

18) New York Jets (13).  Good news: their defense is still making plays.  Bad news: it looks like Sanchez still needs to be developed more in order to keep the Jets in contention.  Very bad news: Kris Jenkins is out for the season.

17) Arizona Cardinals (19).  That was a great win against the Seahawks, especially because their defense put a lot of pressure on Hasselbeck.  They didn't need Warner and Fitzgerald to do a lot, but they did anyways.  If they win against the Giants, they can once again be considered in the NFC playoff race.

16) Houston Texans (20).  I go back and forth with this team, but their offense is too good to ignore.  Shaub is quietly having a fantastic season, and Slaton is picking it up.  Their run defense needs a lot of work, and they'll need it against Frank Gore next week.

15) San Francisco 49ers (14).  They've got two very tough games coming up, Texans and Colts.  If they can squeak out with one win here, it gets a little bit easier.  Mike Singletary has already exceeded expectations, and hopefully he'll continue to do so as it gets colder.

14) Miami Dolphins (15).  I'll be the first to admit that I love this team.  Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams are an incredible duo, and Chad Henne is a great for his age.  They face an extremely tough test against the Saints next week, but I'm picking them for the upset of the week.  If they can manage the game, they have a good chance at winning.

13) Philadelphia Eagles (9).  I just don't understand how this can happen, especially with Andy Reid as your head coach.  Their defense played poorly, their offense played poorly, and this is against one of the worst organizations in football.  What a difference from week to week.  If this happens again against Washington, this team might implode.

12) Chicago Bears (12).  At 4-2, they're still poised to make a solid run at the playoffs.  Their defense certainly isn't as good as it used to be, but they also have a better offense than in the past.

11) Green Bay Packers (16).  This may be too much of a bump considering the state of their offensive line, but Rodgers is just too good to keep them away from playoff contention.  Though they crushed a Lions team without their starting QB, it was convincing enough to say that they're a good team.

10) Baltimore Ravens (8).  Three losses in a row?  They seem to be better than that, but the Vikings exposed their age on defense.  On the bright side, they have a bye week to fix some holes and to prepare for the Broncos in week 8.

9) Cincinnati Bengals (7).  I'm starting to believe these guys are a bit overrated, but I'll keep them up here for one more week.  Losing Antwan Odom is devastating for their defense and they'll need him against the Bears next week.  To keep pace in the ultra-competitive AFC North, they've got to rebound.

8) Atlanta Falcons (11).  Two great wins after their bye have left the Falcons in a very good position.  Their running game is improving, Matt Ryan looks good, and their defense is making game-changing plays.  Next week is against Dallas, but take a look at week 8: Falcons at Saints, Monday Night.  I have goosebumps.

7) New England Patriots (10).  Quite possibly the most dominating win I've ever seen (or seen highlights of).  Many were concerned, myself included, with their timing on offense, but it seemed to be clicking easily in the snow.  Now they get the chance to do the same against the Bucs, in front of a London audience.

6) New York Giants (1).  Crash!  Though they've had plenty of injuries, that's still no excuse for giving up so many points to the Saints.  Perhaps they needed a reality check, but they did not look good.  Kurt Warner has better receivers, so they have to make some changes this week in order to beat the Cardinals.

5) Pittsburgh Steelers (6).  Polamalu is back!  Though they still can't put games away early, they're showing that the start of their season was a fluke.  Big Ben, Mendenhall, Miller, and Hines Ward are all playing like they're the best at their position.  They'll look to keep the ball rolling against the Vikings at home next week, probably the best game of the week.

4) Denver Broncos (5).  Like I said before, this team is very good.  Orton puts them in winning situations, and they didn't absolutely need their running game to win.  Eddie Royal was a large part of the win, but they beat the Chargers, a major division rival.  What a way to go into the bye week.

3) Minnesota Vikings (3).  Not many thought they could beat Baltimore's defense, but AP and Favre proved them wrong.  Jared Allen must be one of the top 5 defensive players in the NFL at this point.  They have an even bigger game against the Steelers next week, and with a win they could be considered the most complete team in the NFL.

2) New Orleans Saints (3).  Now we know the Saints are for real.  The most important thing about their recent wins is that they don't need both their passing and running game to show up.  Plus, they have the most surprising defense of the year so far.  They have to watch out against the Dolphins next week though.

1) Indianapolis Colts (2).  Although they certainly don't need two weeks to prepare for the Rams, I'm sure Anthony Gonzalez appreciated the bye week.  If he returns against the Rams, can you imagine how great their pass attack will be?  Can we already pencil this one in as a win?
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Posted on: October 14, 2009 11:52 am

Week 5 Power Rankings

With some great games coming up in Week 6, everyone's rankings will really be tested this week.  NYG vs. NO, ATL vs. CHI, SD vs. DEN, BAL vs. MIN... oh boy.

This week was full of both terrible and amazing games, and once again the league seems to be a bit more polarized.  Here we go:

32) St. Louis Rams (32).  They'll remain here if they continue to lose in the same fashion.  Three goalline misses?  You know it's pretty bad when you score 10 points and INCREASE your average points per game.

31) Oakland Raiders (28).  It seems like this all stems from terrible owner decisions.  Yes, they have a very fast team, but nobody can hold onto a football.  The worst part about it is that there is no coming out of it unless the management makes better decisions.  Plus, Tom Cable is dealing with off the field issues, limiting his ability to coach properly.  How did they even beat Kansas City?

30) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (29).  Their defense gets absolutely shredded again.  Josh Johnson looked OK this time, but they're still a few seasons away from putting up a playoff fight.  At least they're somewhat headed in the right direction.

29) Buffalo Bills (25).  How do you not win that game?  Wow.  So what's the problem, or perhaps more importantly, what's the answer?  Get rid of Dick Jauron?  Trent Edwards?  Trade Terrell Owens for draft picks?  Move to Toronto?

28) Cleveland Browns (31).  They beat a bad Bills team despite playing poorly themselves.  I don't think you can bank the team's future on either Derek Anderson or Brady Quinn, so a QB in the draft looks like the way to go.  Did that win take away their chance to draft Tim Tebow?

27) Washington Redskins (27).  I refuse to believe that Campbell is the problem, because he's had a few bright spots despite the bad season.  However, the offense often looks defunct.  I doubt Zorn will be there much longer, and maybe an interim coach will spark them.

26) Detroit Lions (26).  Even with a 1-4 record, what a turn around from last year.  Their offense is clicking, and looks as though they're having fun.  They'll need to really focus on their defense in the off-season, and get that pass-rush active.

25) Kansas City Chiefs (30).  Matt Cassel is finally playing well, and that was a heck of a last-minute drive against the Cowboys.  If it weren't for poor tackling, they could have won that game.

24) Tennessee Titans (24).  They're 0-5, but I still refuse to believe that they're worse than the other 8 below them.  When will their first win come?  Most likely not against the Patriots in Foxborough.

23) Jacksonville Jaguars (20).  Mike Sims-Walker not playing hurt them, but clearly something else went wrong.  How do you lose that badly when you have MJD?  They need to win to have a chance in the division or playoff race.

22) Carolina Panthers (23).  They finally got their first win, even though it was against the Redskins.  They really need to get that running game going, but the more turnovers they commit, the more they need to pass to catch up.

21) Dallas Cowboys (21).  They barely won against the Chiefs, which doesn't bode well.  They need this bye week to get their team back in rhythm.  Here's a scary thought for us Giants fans: fire Wade Phillips and hire one of the many brilliant coaches who will be returning next year.  Dallas is an attractive place to coach.

20) Houston Texans (17).  Steve Slaton is suffereing a sophmore slump, and has to turn it around.  Thankfully, they're division is not very good (besides the Colts), but they face the Cardiac Cats next week.

19) Arizona Cardinals (19).  That was a huge play by Cromartie, and their defense finally stepped up when they needed it.  Also, the Warner to Fitzgerald connection is back.  They need Warner to stay healthy.

18) Seattle Seahawks (22).  Though Seneca Wallace didn't play poorly, having Hasselbeck back really revitalized their team.  Huge division game against the Cardinals, where they'll need to win to stay competitive in the division.

17) San Diego (16).  They have to win against Denver.  Period.

16) Green Bay Packers (15).  A game against the Lions is exactly what the Packers need to get their feet back on the ground.  If they lose, however, you can pretty much write them off for the playoffs.

15) Miami Dolphins (18).  As much as I like Chad Pennington, Chad Henne just might be the future of that team.  The most impressive thing about him is that he's able to come on and off the field in the middle of drives and still play in rhythm.  What a way to go into the bye week.

14) San Francisco 49ers (11).  They looked tired against the Falcons.  Scott Van Pelt from ESPN pointed out that the 49ers had the most physically strenuous training camp in the NFL, and it will show later on in the season.  Good thing they have a bye week.

13) New York Jets (9).  I never would have thought that their defense would fail while the offense would thrive.  The wildcat shredded them, while Braylon Edwards already proved that he was worth the hassle of bringing him to New York.  They're still atop their division, and are still a very dangerous team.

12) Chicago Bears (10).  A very important conference game against the Falcons on Sunday Night.  Will Jay Cutler show that he was worth the trade?  Let's hope he doesn't have as bad a game as he did last time he played at night.

11) Atlanta Falcons (13).  The bye week certainly helped them out, and they beat a fundamentally solid 49ers team.  Turner got his act together, and Roddy White made some huge plays.  A win against Chicago will keep them amongst the top in the NFC.

10) New England Patriots (7).  They're no longer the class of the AFC, let alone the NFL.  But look at their upcoming schedule: Titans, Bucs, and then a bye week.  They're still in the thick of their division race, and can't afford to slip against these sub-par teams.

9) Philadelphia Eagles (12).  Their QB is back.  I'm not sold on their defense, but they won't be tested until week 8 when they play the Giants at home.  5-1 would be a great start to the season, especially with their quarterback missing two and a half games with a rib injury.

8) Baltimore Ravens (5).  What an unbelieveable tough division.  With two losses in a row, they now face an untested Vikings team.  Will their defense step it up?  They can't give up those stupid penalties again, or they'll find themselves at .500.

7) Cincinnati Bengals (14).  In all honesty, this team should be undefeated if it weren't for that miracle 87-yard Stokley TD.  Benson, Palmer, Ocho, and a great defense!  I can't wait for their week 10 matchup against the Steelers.

6) Pittsburgh Steelers (6).  That was too close.  They really, really need Polamalu to come back before their next big division game (and I'm certainly not talking about the Browns).  The offense continues to look good, though.

5) Denver Broncos (8).  I'm finally going to buy this team.  I didn't think their defense was as good as their stats until they largely shut down the Patriots.  Plus, Kyle Orton looks good!  And, Brandon Marshall is playing like he actually cares about the team.

4) Minnesota Vikings (4).  A dominant win against a bad team.  The problem is that they really haven't beaten anyone significant outside of Green Bay and San Fran.  The Ravens will be there biggest test of the early season.

3) New Orleans Saints (3).  They've had plenty of time to prepare for the Giants, and Greg Williams' defense will be the key.  With a win, they're the best in the conference.

2) Indianapolis Colts (2).  I'm running out of things to say about Peyton, so I'll comment on their coaching: their depth at receiver is astonishing, and the offensive coordinator is the one to thank.  Or Peyton Manning.  Oops.

1) New York Giants (1).  Another blowout against a bad team.  Next week in the Superdome is the biggest of the season so far.  Also, is Bradshaw better than Jacobs?

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Posted on: October 7, 2009 1:51 pm

Week 4 Power Rankings

It seems like the worst keep on getting worse and the best keep on getting better!  There are so many bad teams, I want to put them all in the 30-32 range.  Oh well, here we go...

32) St. Louis Rams (30).  They've solidified themselves as the garbage of the league.  How do you only score 24 points in 4 games, and get shutout twice?  I feel horrible for Steven Jackson.

31) Cleveland Browns (32).  They showed some signs of life, but couldn't pull it out in overtime.  Looks like Derek Anderson will continue to start, so what do you do with Quinn?  How will the loss of Edwards affect them?

30) Kansas City Chiefs (31).  Without the garbage time yards in the 4th quarter, this team did virtually nothing against the Giants.  Cassel continues to show nothing, as does Larry Johnson.  This team needs a makeover.

29) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (28).  It was a close one against the Redskins, but they couldn't maintain their lead.  A porous defense, and a lackluster offense spells goodbye playoffs.

28) Oakland Raiders (27).  Darren McFadden wasn't able to put up anything against the league's worst run defense, and now they face the Giants without him.  JaMarcus Russell is absolutely terrible, it's time to replace him.

27) Washington Redskins (29).  Yeah, they won, but it was against a pitiful Bucs team, and they were losing most of the game.  They just need more consistency, and let Campbell throw a little more.

26) Detroit Lions (26).  They kept it close in the beginning, but their defense gave out.  Giving up 48 points to a division rival does not bode well.  Their offense looked pretty good, though, but let's hope Stafford can stay healthy.

25) Buffalo Bills (24).  Not good.  I'm not sure whether it's the playcalling, Trent Edwards, Dick Jauron, or a combination of these, but something is just not right.  They must beat Cleveland if they want a shred of respect.

24) Tennessee Titans (19).  Their season is officially over.  Is it time to start Vince Young, or will that only worsen the problem?  They could still bounce back to a .500 record.

23) Carolina Panthers (25).  Hopefully the bye week will have strengthened this team.  If they can get their passing game together, they might be able to make a run at the playoffs.  Who would have thought Steve Smith would be the second best WR with his name?

22) Seattle Seahawks (21).  If Hasselbeck returns, they can beat Jacksonville and Arizona back to back to even up their record.  However, that defense needs to get itself together for that to happen.

21) Dallas Cowboys (14).  What a dysfunctional group.  TO was definitely not the problem.  They need to get their act together if they want a chance against the Eagles and Giants.  Romo also needs to be more accurate.

20) Jacksonville Jaguars (23).  David Garrard showed up and took the pressure off of MJD.  If they could have pulled out a win against the Colts in the season opener, they'd be winning the division!

19) Arizona Cardinals (20).  They could quickly fall out of contention with a loss against the Texans.  Hightower must put up some form of a rushing game in order to be successful.  The Cards can't fall too far behind San Francisco.

18) Miami Dolphins (22).  That running game is just unbelieveable.  The Bills could do nothing to stop it.  If Chad Henne can manage games well and play efficiently, there's no reason this team can't make a comeback.

17) Houston Texans (17).  They beat Oakland.  This week is where they decide if they want to break out from the middle of the pack against the Cardinals.  If their defense shows up, they can win easily.

16) San Diego (7).  What a disappointment.  They have everything they need on offense, but their defense continues to give up games.  Rivers is great, but not perfect.

15) Green Bay Packers (9).  Rodgers played very well considering he had no protection.  Once again, their defense failed them, and it was left on their quarterback's shoulders.  They need this bye week.

14) Cincinnati Bengals (16).  Carson Palmer is playing like they thought he would when he was drafted.  Ochocinco has stepped up his game, and Cedric Benson played well.  Plus, their defense is showing up this year!

13) Atlanta Falcons (12).  This bye week will help them get over the loss to the Patriots, and hopefully prepare for the 49ers and Bears.  If they can get their run defense issues settled, watch out.

12) Philadelphia Eagles (11).  I still don't know what to make of this team because we've hardly seen their entire group of starters play.  Tampa Bay and Oakland won't get in their way, so they'll probably be at 4-1 soon.

11) San Francisco 49ers (15).  This is an extremely well-coached football team, all around.  Though Crabtree may not make a large immediate impact, it's good that they got his deal settled so they can move on. 

10) Chicago Bears (13).  If you don't look at their first game, they're almost a perfect offense.  If they can win more division games, they'll be on top of the NFC North come playoff time.

9) New York Jets (4).  So it looks like Mark Sanchez is human.  He'll have a poor performance every once and awhile this year, but he'll bounce back.  Their defense still looks dominating, it's not easy to limit Drew Brees to 0 TDs.

8) Denver Broncos (18).  Though I still don't think they're a top 5 team, they are definitely for real this year.  That defense has been unbelieveable, even against a good Cowboys offense.  They really needed to have Brandon Marshall step up.

7) New England Patriots (10).  They really needed that win to establish themselves as still a dominant team in the NFL.  Tom Brady continues to look better, and their defense has been playing decent.

6) Pittsburgh Steelers (8).  Despite their record, they're one of the toughest teams in the NFL.  Once Polumalu returns, they'll be back in Superbowl form.  Also, their running game is back, and Big Ben is playing lights out football.

5) Baltimore Ravens (3).  They're a bad call and a bad drop away from being undefeated.  They'll win that game in January, and still have the division lead.  Watch out for those tricky Bengals.  Oh, and the Steelers are back.

4) Minnesota Vikings (6).  Looks like the Favre acquisition paid off after all.  He took the load off of Adrian Peterson.  Their offensive line was truly amazing.  This entire team is clicking right now.

3) New Orleans Saints (5).  Once again, their defense showed up and took advantage of Sanchez's age.  Brees didn't throw a TD for the second straight week, but he didn't need to.

2) Indianapolis Colts (2).  How unbelieveable is Peyton Manning?  I mean seriously, 300 yards in his first 4 games?  The only thing I'd be worried about is their run defense.

1) New York Giants (1).  As long as Eli Manning is their starting quarterback, they're likely to remain up top.  Plantar Faciitis is a lingering injury, though, and could affect him down the stretch.
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Posted on: September 30, 2009 12:50 pm

Week 3 Power Rankings

What an absolutely crazy weekend in the NFL!  Favre's miraculous TD pass, the Lions first win in forever, and still a large group of undefeated teams.  Bye weeks start up this week, which will be much needed for some teams.  Enjoy!

32) Cleveland Browns (30).  This team has so much potential, but such poor coaching.  What's worse is that their entire division (besides the Browns, of course) could make a legitimate run at the playoffs.

31) St. Louis Rams (32).  They just don't score enough points, regardless of whether their defense shows up or not.  Kyle Boller could add a little spark to the team.

30) Kansas City Chiefs (29).  They really need to get their passing game going.  And their running game.  And their entire defense.

29) Washington Redskins (25).  That was just pitiful.  The running game can't get going, and their off-season acquisition in Haynesworth has not paid off.

28) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (27). 

27) Oakland Raiders (26).  JaMarcus Russell is in danger of losing his job very early in the season.  The poor passing effort is hampering their run-game too.  We'll see if it steps up against Houston's bad run defense.

26) Detroit Lions (31).  Finally!  Stafford looked like he was having fun out there.  Get this: a win against Chicago next week and a loss from Green Bay would put the Lions in SECOND in their division.

25) Carolina Panthers (20).  My how this team has fallen since the end of the last regular season.  A lack of discipline all around has put this team at 0-3.

24) Buffalo Bills (15).  Though many will point to Owens, it's the playcalling and QB play that have hurt them so badly.  Their defense played so well, but their offense couldn't stay on the field to give them a rest in the end.

23) Jacksonville Jaguars (28).  MJD is clearly the leader of that team, and will hopefully help the Jags continue to win, especially against the winless Titans next week.

22) Miami Dolphins (22).  In my opinion, they are the best 0-3 team out there along with the Titans, and going from Pennington to Henne may not be a bad thing.  If any team can bounce back, it will be them.

21) Seattle Seahawks (21).  Seneca Wallace didn't seem to be the problem in this one.  Olindo Mare better play more efficiently or Seattle will be looking for a new kicker.

20) Arizona Cardinals (18).  I'm still not giving up on this team, especially with all their weapons on offense.  Peyton Manning made a joke out of their secondary, though.

19) Tennessee Titans (14).  They HAVE to beat the Jaguars this weekend or they can kiss their playoffs chances goodbye.  The Titans certainly showed some fight against the Jets.

18) Denver Broncos (24).  Call me crazy, but I'm still not buying the Broncos as a playoff team.  Look who they've beaten: Cincinnati (barely), Oakland, and Cleveland.  Huge game against Dallas this weekend.

17) Houston Texans (16).  They go from awful, to great, to not very good in three weeks.  What's the deal with this team?  Slaton needs to be more of an impact, along with their entire defense.

16) Cincinnati Bengals (23).  They're a miracle play away from being 3-0.  Palmer woke up and stunned the already reeling Steelers.  They're all but 3-1 as they prepare for a terrible Browns team.

15) San Francisco (11).  They should have won, and probably would have if it weren't for Gore's ankle and Favre's killer arm.  Their running game will struggle now.

14) Dallas Cowboys (19).  There is still something wrong with their offense, and it obviously isn't their running game.  They should be able to defeat the Broncos pretty easily.

13) Chicago Bears (17).  A nice win over the Seahawks lands them with a winning record.  They'll be looking to end the Lions high spirits next weekend.

12) Atlanta Falcons (7).  Their weaknesses were certainly exploited, and Turner needs to increase his production.  This bye week will help them prepare for their game against the 49ers.

11) Philadelphia Eagles (13).  It's hard to tell just how good this team is, though Kolb certainly stepped up his game.  A much needed bye week will help McNabb and Westbrook.

10) New England Patriots (12).  That was a much needed win against the Falcons.  Their defense showed up, and Brady looked slightly more comfortable.

9) Green Bay Packers (10).  It could have been better against the Rams, but they got the job done.  They have to win in Minnesota to avoid a stressful next 3 months.

8) Pittsburgh Steelers (3).  I still think they deserve a top 10 spot, and Tomlin won't let this losing streak get out of control.  It will be a tough one against the Chargers, though.

7) San Diego Chargers (9).  What an explosive offense.  Rivers could establish himself as at top 3 QB in the league, but we'll see against the furious Steelers on Sunday night.

6) Minnesota Vikings (8).  That was a close one.  I guess all those Favre haters can finally calm down a bit, because there's no way Rosenfels or Jackson makes that play.  How will they do against the Packers?

5) New Orleans Saints (7).  Their defense picked it up against the Bills, even though their offense struggled at first.  Can they beat the high-flying Jets?

4) New York Jets (6).  They can still win when their offense plays sub-par, which is important downt he stretch.  A massive matchup against the Saints next week will show us if they really mean business.

3) Baltimore Ravens (4).  Once again, a complete victory.  With the Steelers losing another game, they've become the favorite to win the division.

2) Indianapolis Colts (2).  It has been impressive how their backup receivers have stepped up.  We'll see how negatively Freeney's injury impacts their defense.

1) New York Giants (1).  They completely dominated the Bucs in every aspect, and are in the middle of a soft spot in their schedule.
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Power Rankings, Week 2

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Considering half of my previous top 5 lost, my rankings have been somewhat turned upside down!  This was a pretty crazy week in the NFL, so enjoy!

32) St. Louis Rams (32).  7 points in two games is not very good, even if your defense stepped it up in the second game.  They have a tough one against an angry Green Bay team next week.

31) Detroit Lions (31).  They didn't face an easy opponent in the Vikings this week, and their first win in awhile will come sometime this season.  Stafford needs to play better.

30) Cleveland Browns (29).  That was pitiful against the Broncos.  The question shouldn't be Anderson or Quinn, it should be McCoy, Tebow, or Bradford.

29) Kansas City Chiefs (30).  They were close to beating the Raiders, and they certainly stopped their offense for most of the game.  Hopefully Cassel will be able to turn those games into more wins.

28) Jacksonville Jaguars (25).  They couldn't stop Kurt Warner in any way.  A crucial game in Houston awaits them, and could possibly redeem this slow start.

27) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (22).  They don't have a heck of a lot going for them, and after they face the Giants they have a heck of a division schedule to play.

26) Oakland Raiders (24).  Although they're 1-1, the Raiders are still going to need to clean up their offense.  The defense looked solid.

25) Washington Redskins (17).  Yeah, they won, but that's about it.  They're offense is terrible and they might face a loss to... yes, the Lions.


24) Denver Broncos (27).  Definitely the worst 2-0 team in the NFL at this point.  Their defense looks much better though, and we'll see how Orton performs down the stretch.


23) Cincinnati Bengals (28).  There's that offense we've all been waiting for!  Can they beat the Steelers next week?


22) Miami Dolphins (23).  Their wildcat offense worked like magic, and Pennington was efficient as ever... but they lost.  In the AFC East, 0-2 won't cut it.


21) Seattle Seahawks (16).  No Hasselbeck = no success.  They'll need him back soon in order to challenge the Cards and 49ers for the division.


20) Carolina Panthers (14).  This team just can't put together a win.  A tough game against a very angry Dallas will decide whether they have enough to make a playoff run.


19) Dallas Cowboys (15).  Romo will bounce back, but what about their pass defense?


18) Arizona Cardinals (21).  Warner returned to better form, and Hightower has emerged as a great pass target.  Can Kurt hold up throughout the season?


17) Chicago Bears (19).  That was a much better team against the Steelers, but I'm still not buying the hype without a decent receiver and no Urlacher.


16) Houston Texans (26).  Their offense was brilliant, but their defense did almost nothing against both the Jets and Titans.


15) Buffalo Bills (20).  They're a fumble away from being 2-0, and should probably be higher on this list.  Let's just hope they don't blow it in typical Bills fashion.

14) Tennessee Titans (11).  Definitely the best 0-2 team out there, but the Jets could make that 0-3.

13) Philadelphia Eagles (10).  Kolb certainly isn't the answer, and they'll have to wait until McNabb gets back to improve their record.


12) New England Patriots (2).  No defense and an uncomfortable Brady.  They're no longer the class of the AFC, and must regain it to have a chance in a tough division.

11) San Francisco 49ers (18).  Frank Gore certainly bounced back from a bad first game and led them to a victory.  Can they do the same against the Vikings?

10) Green Bay Packers (6).  They have a dynamic offense, but dropped passes and poor defensive play lost them the game.  A gimme against the Rams awaits them next week.

9) San Diego Chargers (5).  Once again, the Chargers have all the weapons of a championship team, but manage to flounder against a good team.

8) Minnesota Vikings (9).  2-0, but they haven't faced a tough opponent yet.  A crucial battle of the unbeatens comes along next week, and we'll see how they handle it.

7) New Orleans Saints (13).  That offense is just ridiculous.  Their defense could use improvement, but the Saints strategy of "the best defense is a great offense" has worked so far.

6) New York Jets (12).  They've beaten two tough opponents and face another one against the Titans.  Does Sanchez know he's a rookie?

5) Atlanta Falcons (7).  A very complete team.  The play the Patriots next week, and could solidify themselves as the class of the NFC with a win.

4) Baltimore Ravens (8).  What's not to like about this team?  Everything is clicking for them right now.  Key matchups week 4 and 5 against the Patriots and the Bengals.

3) Pittsburgh Steelers (1).  I'm not really sure what happened against the Bears, but that running game needs to get better.  It looked like they really missed Polumalu.

2) Indianapolis Colts (4).  Peyton was Peyton, but their run defense needs some work.  It'll be a shootout next week against the Cardinals.

1) New York Giants (3).  Though their run defense did nothing against the Cowboys running game, Eli Manning was able to mirror it on offense.  A soft spot in their schedule may keep them here for a few weeks.


I had a very tough time doing the middle 10, but I think it worked out pretty well.  Let me know what you think!

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