Posted on: August 21, 2009 1:15 pm

2 Days Away

My fantasy football draft is Sunday night, and I think I can safely say that I know who to draft from the 8th spot.  I'm in a PPR league, so WRs and receiving RBs are much more valuable.  If all goes according to play (which it never does), this is what I'm hoping happens:

1st Round: LT.  My friends are not the brightest drafters, so at the 8th spot I'm pretty confident I can pick him up.  I'm counting on one of the top 7 drafters to snag Tom Brady, because half my league is comprised of ridiculous Pats fans.  Hopefully LT will fall to me.

2nd Round: Whichever best WR falls to me.  I'm praying that I can get Andre Johnson, but that is far from realistic.  After watching Peyton and Reggie Wayne play last night, I would love to have Wayne on my team.  Basically, I'd be happy with Calvin Johnson, Wayne, or Greg Jennings.  Don't know why but Roddy White scares me.

3rd Round: Depending on the flow of the draft, I'm thinking that Rivers and Rodgers will be taken around this area, and I would be happy with either one.

4th Round:  I highly doubt that McFadden will fall this far, but I'd like to scoop him up here.  Another viable option would be Ryan Grant.  If neither of these backs are available, I'd like to see if Vincent Jackson is available.

5th Round:  Since it gets much more unpredicatable at this point, I'll take the best player on the board.  If I grab Jackson the round before this, I'd like to grab Derrick Ward.  If I grab McFadden or Grant in the round before, I'm hoping that Santana Moss is still available.  I really have no idea why this guy is ranked so low.

From that point on: I'd like one of the top 6 TEs, but I'm not willing to reach for Gonzalez or Witten.  Owen Daniels and Greg Olsen might be neat pickups too.  I do have the feeling that TEs are going to go early in this league though, so I may have to settle for someone worse.  I plan on taking a defense very late, because I don't think many people want the Chargers defense.
Posted on: August 20, 2009 6:12 pm

Chargers: A Fantasy Football Dream

If you're as obsessed with fantasy football as I am, you'll know that the Chargers offer a ton of great options for your league.  I'm currently in a PPR league (draft is Sunday), and am planning on grabbing some Bolts.

Phillip Rivers: I had him last year as my starter, and boy did he perform.  Depending on your league settings, he finished in either the second or third spot for QBs.  Nothing should change this year, seeing as he has one more year of experience.

LT: Many people are down on LT this year because of his age, but he actually did fairly well last year.  As a receiver, he's gold in PPR leagues.  The only thing to worry about is injuries and snaps taken away by Sproles.  With the 8th pick, I'll take LT in the first round if he's still available.

Vincent Jackson:  Quite possibly my favorite pick in the draft this year.  If you look at his statistics, he improves tremendously every single year.  This will be his fourth full season, and he remains as Rivers best target.  I fully expect Jackson to be a top ten receiver, if not top 5.  Many may disagree, but I'm loving this guy as a WR2.

Antonio Gates:  Don't need to say too much, seeing as he's continually one of the best TEs in the league.

Chargers Defense:  Another great late round pick.  The Chargers defense is not rated very well by most people, but this is based on last years performance, when Merriman and Cromartie (Pro Bowl players) were injured.  The year before?  Top 3 defense!  Look to pick this D up late.

Kaeding:  Not a fan of kickers, but he's one of the best you can get.

Others: Sproles is a great option, especially if LT gets hurt.

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