Posted on: August 28, 2009 2:34 pm

The "Rift" in Minnesota

Give me a break.  This "rift" in the Vikings locker room is no different than any other controversy over the past 10 years, it's just Favre gets way more media attention because they're addicted to him.  As Adam Schefter reported on ESPN, the "rift" is only a few players supporting Jackson and Rosenfels.  Yet when Rosenfels was signed by the Vikings and there were even more Jackson supporters, the media didn't cover anything.  And they shouldn't.  Because it's a non-issue.  This is what happens in football locker rooms.  You can't expect every single person to agree with the starting personnel all of the time.

I understand that Favre did not go through training camp and looked a bit rusty in his first preseason game, but that doesn't mean that it has caused a massive rift in the locker room like some media outlets like to think it is.  As much as people like to point out Favre as the instigator of this problem and that he's an egotistical maniac, they couldn't be farther from the truth.  In fact, Favre hasn't really done much at all to deserve the media attention he's getting.  He is the same humble athlete he has been for awhile, he only wants to play football.  The media just goes after him because there's nothing else to report about during the offseason.

As for the people who believe that he'll last about 8 games this year, here's what I have to say: the Vikings aren't as stupid as you think.  They realize that Favre is not in the same shape he used to be.  However, this is the guy who has the record for most consecutive starts for a quarterback.  Favre has played through worse and has come out better for it.  With the Vikings, they don't expect him to be in his 2007 form.  In fact, they don't need him to do a heck of a lot if you consider the Vikings of last year. 

Minnesota made the playoffs despite very poor play by their quarterback position.  With Adrian Peterson having one more year of experience under his belt, it would make sense to bring in a guy that will keep defenses from spying AP every play.  Favre will keep defenses honest without having to throw the ball that much.  The Vikings are a run-first team, and don't need to put up 4,000 yards passing next season.  Favre will throw the ball less this season than he ever has before, because they don't need him to.  This way he minimizes the risk of re-injury.

Bottom line is that this Favre situation has gotten out of control NOT because of Brett Favre, but because of how overblown the media has become.  From a strictly business standpoint, acquiring Favre makes sense.  He's better than the quarterbacks they have, and he will make Adrian Peterson a better running back.

Forget the "rift" in the locker room, because the Vikings will be making a run for the playoffs in December.  And then hopefully the Favre haters will stop complaining.
Posted on: August 26, 2009 2:39 pm

The "IT" Teams

After listening to The Herd on ESPN Radio and watching a few NFL.com videos, I've realized that there are only about 12 teams that really have "It" to win the Superbowl this year.  Of course, I wouldn't have said that the Cardinals had "It" to make it to the Big Game last year, and look what happened.  But anyways, here are the 12 teams (in no particular order) that I believe have "It" to make it to the Superbowl in 2010.

AFC: Patriots
NFC: Giants

The five teams in the AFC will no doubt dominate in the 2009 season.  In the NFC, however, there are more teams because the talent isn't quite as good in that conference.  That's why a team like the Cardinals or the Buccaneers could emerge throughout the season as a favorite.  Here are the 10 teams that I believe do not have a chance to make it to the Superbowl.

AFC: Dolphins
NFC: Lions

I strongly believe that the Browns are a completely worthless organization, and would bet on the Lions winning more games than them.  The rest of the teams seem to be in the position the Cardinals were in last year, and could possibly make a run if they become hot in the post-season.
Posted on: August 17, 2009 10:20 pm

ESPN's Overvalued Fantasy Players

I was watching the Giants game tonight and noticed something odd at halftime.  On the top of the screen they had (I think it was Mike Sando's) "Top 5 overvalued players" for fantasy football this year, and I didn't agree with the top 4.

His #1 overvalued player was Ronnie Brown, who I didn't realize was really all that well valued to begin with.  He's more than a full year removed from ACL surgery and had a stellar year last year.  Plus, the wildcat formation makes him dangerous.

His #2 was Reggie Bush, which I actually can understand to some extent.  I'm in a PPR league so he gains value in that respect, but his injury troubles are just too large.  He might be a good 3rd RB.

#3 was TO.  I don't get this at all.  He looked great in his first preseason game, and historically, he's done well in his first year on new teams.  I don't think anyone is ranking him in the top 5, maybe somewhere around 10th, so how could he be overvalued?

#4 was Eli Manning.  I can understand that there are concerns with him due to the lack of receivers with the Giants, but come on.  He's ranked like 18th in most rankings.  How is that overvalued?  Plus, he looked great in his first preseason game.

I actually plan on going for Brown as a second RB, perhaps Bush as a #3 if he's available, and Eli as a backup.  The Eli move is questionable, but I'm a Giants fan so what the heck.

My top overrated players would be:

#1: Chris Johnson.  No doubt he'll do well this year, but Lendale White will take a lot away from him since he's lost so much weight in the offseason.  Sophmore slumps are rough.

#2: Joe Flacco.  I really think that he's going to have a rough year.  The Ravens lost a lot of defensive support, and their running game is lacking.  These are crucial to your quarterback having success.

#3: Brandon Jacobs.  He fits in very well with the Giants, but he's not a good fantasy football back.  He will split a lot of time with Bradshaw, and Danny Ware could step in as a third down running back.  Plus, he's a concern with injuries.  I love Jacobs as a running back on my favorite team, but not for a fantasy team.

#4: Matt Cassel.  I almost have no faith in his QB skills now that he's out of New England.  It was the system that helped him get the numbers he had last year.  KC's offensive line is terrible, and they all around don't have the tools to support him.

#5: Matt Ryan.  He actually didn't have that great of fantasy number last year.  He's a great fit for the Falcons and will probably do well, but for some reason his numbers don't translate well to fantasy.

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